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Dwight Stones Sports is committed to competitive athletes at all levels; youth, high school, college, professional, and Masters, to achieve their serious athletic goals. Technique, speed, strength, and endurance are the four cornerstones of the DSS programs.


Also, the DSS training programs are "periodized" so that the athlete achieves their best results/performances at the most important events of the season. Coach Stones knows, from vast experience, what college coaches are looking for from high school athletes. Achieving top results in the post-season events that lead to the State Championships are what impresses college coaches, not weekly invitationals or dual meets. It's great to jump high at any time, but jumping high when it counts is much more important to these coaches who will decide who receives valuable aid and who does not!



Private, one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to improve technically. Once an athlete has mastered their run-up and the execution of the actual jumping technique, it's much easier to do the other training elements and achieve improved results. The execution of the correct technique is at the core of any/all track & field disciplines. Coach Stones charges $250/session (approx. 75 mins.) for private technique sessions and $150-$175/jumper/session (approx. 90-120 mins.) for semi-private (up to 4 jumpers) coaching.  


Jumper's Club is a group coaching opportunity where jumpers of all abilities can work together on their run-ups and technique execution. These sessions take place on weekends. We've found over the years that jumpers learn from watching each other adapt to the coaching queues given by Coach Stones. Oftentimes, young jumpers are reluctant to ask questions or admit they don't understand a concept. At Jumper's Club, they can see how another jumper reacts to a coaching suggestion and the question answers itself. Monthly memberships are encouraged as "Bronze Package" is included!                                                                   Cost = $350/mo. for Monthly Members or $125/session for non-Members



This is the "Interactive Coaching Program" (ICP).  A 15-week/75 workouts, written training program that provides the athlete with all the weightlifting, sprint/interval training, drills, and technique sessions, for an entire season, laid out in an easy to understand and follow format. Just print the daily workout page, grab your stopwatch and execute the workouts as written. The program is "periodized" so you're guaranteed to achieve your best results/performances at the time of the season that "you" designate.          

Cost = $399



This package is designed for the athlete who would benefit from having a consulting coach in addition to their regular school coach. You receive the above "ICP" plus an additional 3 weeks of pre-season workouts (90 total), 4 video analysis sessions, up to 5 mins. in length, of any/all elements of your technique and/or specific training elements. Unlimited email access to Coach Stones for any questions concerning your jumping career. This program is ideal for serious competitors with post-season goals. Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount off Jumper's Club sessions & camp tuition and 25% off Asics shoes.                   Cost = $749

This is a package designed for the athlete who would prefer for Coach Stones to be their personal high jump coach on a year-round basis. You would receive the "ICP" plus an additional 5 weeks of pre-season workouts (100 total), 5 video analysis sessions, up to 5 mins. in length, of any/all elements of your technique and/or specific training elements. Unlimited email access to Coach Stones and bi-monthly telephone consultations concerning any/all aspects of your jumping career. This package is intended for athletes with lofty performance goals and realistic opportunties to compete collegiately. 10% discount off Jumper's Club and camp tuition and 40% off Asics shoes/apparel.                                          
Cost = $999


The ultimate training package offered by Coach Stones. This is an individual/small group high jump camp where you learn every skill necessary to properly incorporate the Interactive Coaching Program (ICP). Coach Stones will conduct jumping sessions on consecutive days. On the first day, after jumping is completed, you will execute a sample sprint/interval workout where you work on form and learn how to properly manage your speed and rest. You then progress to the "non-impact" drills specific to high jump. On the second day, after jumping is completed, you will learn/execute the 'impact" drills, ie. hurdle hops, triple jump bounds, frog jumps, etc. and finally, finish the camp with a weight lifting session where Coach Stones will demonstrate, and the jumpers will execute, the correct technique for the basic lifts for high jump. The ICP is included in the price of the package along with the camp "goodie bag", the contents of which can be found under the High Jump Camps tab under "Extras". Pricing varies based on numbers of participants. Call for details. This is a 2-day high jump camp.


From time to time it's beneficial to shoot video, not just of your approach and technique execution, that's a given. It's also helpful to video your sprint form, drills, and lifting as well. It's so easy to fall into bad habits when there's no one around to observe you. To that end, Coach Stones offers video analysis of any skills you wish to send him for evaluation. You can send up to 5 mins. of video. You can put a lot of jumps, running, drills and lifting into 5 mins. He'll send you back a detailed, written analysis of everything he sees so you can make the proper adjustments to your approach and jumping technique, as well as, improvements needed to your training skills.                 Cost = $75 for 5 mins. 





I'm always happy to autograph Sports Illustrated covers or any other item you would like for me to sign. Feel free to send along items to the address on this site. Once you pay the fee, I will include an autographed photo of me jumping, numbered, along with a Letter of Authenticity, and send it back to you First Class postage. I accept cash or electronic payment via the Venmo app where I am @Dwight-Stones. Expedited shipping is available. You must email to let me know how quickly you want your item returned and I will quote you the additional cost for expedited shipping and handling.                                                                                           Standard Cost = $19.95

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