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Brigetta Barrett - 6 x NCAA High Jump Champion

London Olympic Silver medalist Brigetta Barrett winning her 6th NCAA title for the University of Arizona. She would go on to become the 2nd highest jumper in U.S. history and add a World Championship silver medal (Moscow - 2013) to her growing trophy case. Due to a chronic hip injury, Barrett opted for labrum surgery in the spring of 2015, putting an end to any hopes of becoming World Champion in Beijing. She is fully rehabilitated from that procedure and back in full training. Due to that physical setback, Barrett will have to become competitively sharp during the 2016 winter and springs seasons if she wishes to upgrade her silver in London to gold in Rio (2016). I still believe Briggy has the potential to eclipse the current world record (2.09m - 6'10 ¾") which was set 28 years ago. Her outstanding collegiate coach, Sheldon Blockburger, has left his post at the Univ. of Arizona and joined the staff at USC which means Barrett will be returning to Southern Calif. to prepare for the Olympics. I'll act as a consultant to them both toward the lofty goals she has remaining in her career.


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