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      2018 Winter High Jump Camp - Dec. 1-2

Coach Stones will be conducting 2-day, high jump specific camps this winter during the month of December. In these 2-day camps, the attendees will learn how to do all the skills necessary to successfully train and compete throughout an entire track & field season. Actual jumping technique and approach work is the focus and will be addressed throughout the half-day sessions. As one date fills-up, we will place the jumper into a remaining available date. Camps will take place in Central/South Orange County.

Open to all high jumpers who have competed at an age-group or above level (11-19). This is NOT a beginners camp. This camp is for jumpers who are serious about improving their skill level in anticipation of dramatic improvement for the current and future season(s).



December 1-2 - San Juan Hills H.S. - San Juan Capistrano

Camp Tuition



Entry Form


The cost is $399 for the 2 days of coaching. See "Extras" below for additional information.

We can accommodate a total of 10 jumpers at this camp. After those 10 spots are filled we will offer alternative dates/location.

We encourage coaches to attend this camp. Why?  Because our philosophy is, "give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for life." To that end, we will discount coach's tuition based on a sliding scale of how many jumpers they have sign-up for the camp. A single coach w/o an accompanying athlete pays $249.  If you bring 1 jumper, your tuition is reduced to $199, 2 jumpers = $149, 3+ jumpers = FREE.  

The following "goodie bag" is also included in the camp tuition: stopwatch, 50' measuring tape, roll of adhesive tape, SPF 50 sunscreen, SPF 35 lip protectant, Olympic hat. We will also have available for all participants; water, sports drinks, fruit, and healthier snacks.

                        Register Early! Space is limited to 10 jumpers/camp date.  After Nov. 1, Call For Availability.


                                                  Print this page and scan/email to:


Name: ______________________________________________________________________


Email: _______________________________________    Tel: __________________________


Gender (circle one)           Male             Female                       Grade: ___________________


School: ______________________________________    Coach: _______________________


T-Shirt Size (circle one)    S   M   L   XL



Parental Consent/Participation Waiver:  I hereby grant permission for my child to attend the "Dwight Stones Sports High Jump Camp." I verify that my child has had a physical exam in the past year and is able to participate in the activities related to the camp. I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend DSS, Dwight Stones, San Juan Hills H.S., and any/all camp sponsors and/or their agents or employees from any/all liability for injury, to my child, as well as any injury or damage caused by my child. Should medical treatment for my child be necessary, I herby authorize any physician or trainer selected by camp personnel to order and conduct any medical or sugical procedures necessary.



Parent or Guardian Signature ____________________________________________________________________

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